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the manner of using the feet

skillful maneuvering or dealing

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At times comic, with a heavy emphasis on miming, theatrical gestures, and quick foot-work, this re-worked Paquita was a feast for the eyes, turning this nineteenth-century ballet into a twenty-first-century masterpiece.
Once I quit being dazzled by the foot-work, I began to appreciate the dance
Lucas Amorosino 8 v Harry Robinson 7 'Speedy Gonzalez' Amorosino is a tricky customer with devastating foot-work and the Argentine will be aiming to give former Blue Robinson the run-around.
Calzaghe promised to 'dance' his way to victory and Irish-American dancer Flatley was clearly impressed by the Welshman's foot-work as he demolished Lacy - then celebrated with a little jig in the ring.
Round Dance, her most tribal work, is a mass of driving foot-work and traveling sequences.
There is no doubt that Woodward and England manager Roger Uttley will react if Leonard is shown to have been excessive with his foot-work.
Now her foot-work has carried her into Social and Personal magazine's annual list of the l00 sexiest pins where Jean heads the Artistically Sexy Legs section with Eurovision winner Eimear Quinn.
CUTHBERT compared the skills and dazzling foot-work of Jordan Williams to Wales' record try-scorer and Great Entertainer Shane Williams.
Hooker Gerwyn Price, a target of Cardiff Blues, gave Munster A problems with his electric foot-work as he made some weaving runs while Dragons prospect Jevon Groves figured frequently at No 8.