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Synonyms for infantry


Synonyms for infantry

an army unit consisting of soldiers who fight on foot

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It also revealed the desperation of Tory candidates to recruit foot-soldiers after thousands of activists abandoned the fight and left the party to its fate.
Meanwhile, his foot-soldiers Annie Cabbot, Helen Morton and Ken Blackstone are trying to discover the identity of the dead girl who, it transpires, has a sister who is also missing.
His army of swing-state foot-soldiers was mobilized using the most sophisticated internet based election operation ever seen.
SIGN language interpreters are TV's unsung foot-soldiers, yet we would have to argue with columnist John McKie's (Waking Up To A Telly Nightmare) point that they only seem to appear at five in the morning.
But that's not all: the foot-soldiers of the all-conquering empire committed the ultimate crime by wearing the socks with sandals.