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a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle

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Most flowering and fruiting plants need 1,000 or more foot-candles, although some, such as African violet, rex begonia, flowering maple, zebra plant and crown-of-thorns, will provide colorful displays even at about 500 foot-candles.
We asked Facility 1 to replace all the missing bulbs, which brought it close to 50 foot-candles.
Seventy-five percent of coolers met the standard of 10 foot-candles (ft-c).
Historically, light meters that measure only instantaneous light intensity in foot-candles were used.
However, because the ceiling absorbs some of this light, it requires more foot-candles to achieve adequate lighting.
It emits 13,00 foot-candles, producing a color-corrected, white light for truer representation of tissue color.
Vertical foot-candles are the measurement of light on the vertical plane with the meter held horizontally.
It is important that the ambient illuminance not exceed recommendations for spaces with video display terminals (VDTs), 25 to 50 foot-candles of uniform ambient lighting.
04 foot-candles, cadets correctly identified an object only 4 times; they misidentified or said they could not identify an object 44 times.
Throughout the store, lighting levels have been increased from the traditional a foot-candles to 52 foot-candles.
Apparently no one has studied this intriguing question, but we do know that the intensity of white light has to be at least 40 foot-candles (lux), and that an average of 100 lux for 16 hours will stimulate body growth and milk production in dairy cattle.
The LED engine is designed to maximize light output on the ground or other surfaces with exact center beam candle power (CBCP), providing the right number of foot-candles for exterior lighting applications.
An improved, crack-resistant filter reduces visible light (less than 2 foot-candles or 20 lux) while maximizing long wave UV irradiance.