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the manner of using the feet

skillful maneuvering or dealing

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Kathak was originally presented with laiykari (performance with speed) and foot work.
These more contemporary dancers have more elaborate foot work, often their bird imitations are more exaggerated with a dramatic flair.
3) How does the human foot work during running with and without shoes?
The second half came and Marton took control with attack after attack with Ryley Walton winning the midfield battle, spraying the ball all over the pitch with great accuracy, and Sam Lawrence terrorising Sproggs with his tricky foot work.
Fast foot work as a member of staff hands over the phone Wish you were here.
Not satisfied with showing off her nifty foot work she then taught herself to paint and composed a special portrait for two lucky zoo visitors.
Whether seated at the piano or showing off his nifty foot work, he cemented his reputation as a consummate performer.
The interactive musical wall, for example, will bring colour and music to life at the touch of a hand on the graphical representations of musical instruments, while the giant piano will offer children an opportunity to test their foot work and musical skills by hopping from the black keys to the white keys or simply taking a run and sliding down the full musical scale.
I would make suggestions and they would make suggestions, and out of that grew a very supple foot work.
The CMT-3 incorporates a patented three cubic foot work capacity pyramidal tumble barrel that allows parts to be tumbled in two directions at the same time, increasing deflashing performance, according to the company.
He's just had a great fight there and Wale put some great pressure on McDonnell in that fight but I believe that I am a lot stronger than him and I have better foot work as well," said Dickens.
Nifty foot work from Jake Stephenson at scrum-half saw him grab a second try.
Configured with a wheeled aluminum quadpod, the two Class 1 and 2 Division 1 light heads can be elevated to a height of 12 feet and can easily illuminate a 15,000 square foot work area.
But they finally found their form and Marcus Wade, Jonan Samuel, Austin Briggs and Gill all put in some powerful drives and with 10 minutes of the game remaining Addy grabbed two tries after some nice foot work, and Jack Gill scored a superb touchdown - Addy took the conversions and landed two.
He said his controlled shots and balanced foot work from the mid of the court were the plus points of his game.