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a former luminance unit equal to one lumen per square foot


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The Monitor Optimizer employs a 4-band sensor to complete 0-150 Foot Lambert measurement of a 14mm diameter area in 2 seconds.
6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- IBC -- Christie will light up the 'IBC Big Screen' cinema at RAI Amsterdam on Monday, delivering unprecedented 2D light levels for 3D content, addressing one of the cinema industry's most pressing problems - the unsatisfactory showing of 3D content at low light levels, typically less than 3 foot lamberts (ft-L), when 14 ft-L is the standard for 2D films.
Most high-resolution monitor products project brightness at 70 foot lamberts to 75 foot lamberts).
Cinemark's projectors offer the biggest and brightest 2D and 3D images on the market, capable of six foot Lamberts on 3D presentations which exceeds industry standards.
The innovative design from uniQoptics is a primary reason why the light output of the OculR system is at 10 foot lamberts through the polarizers to each eye which offers extremely high brightness, critical for successful 3D projection, when the projector is at SMPTE standards.