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a bridge designed for pedestrians

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95) republishes the second revised edition of a 1983 classic survey of foot bridges, latticework and drawbridges alike.
The 140-acre, $5 million park boasts walking trails with spectacular views, perfectly manicured playing fields - four for softball and four for soccer and football - a river-like drainage system with small foot bridges and the crowded playground.
It will be joined to the main college building with foot bridges and an atrium.
Tenders are invited for Construction of lining wall with bed treatment on Checkwari Mal khul RD 760 mtrs to 810 mtrs including constr of 2 No foot bridges length 50 mtrs
Tenders are invited for Construction of foot bridges and lining wall at spots on gam Khul Dalwash branch of Gogaldara khul Alamnag-Lassipora Chenin dara etc.
Tenders are invited for Construction of foot bridges at various places in Pehjan area on gogaldara khul at psots 8 No
The technology of making Foot Bridges for armed forces developed by DRDO can be utilized to bring relief to the flood affected people.