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a bridge designed for pedestrians

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Jon's Eagle project restored Holden's Pout Water Pond entrance path and reconstructed its foot bridge, which was rendered impassable due to storm damage and heavy flooding.
On Joshimath - Badrinath axis the construction of a foot track is under progress and a ready made foot Bridge is being launched across river Alaknanda.
Corps Commander Lieutenant General Asif Yasin Malik Malik Monday visited the bridging site at Chakdara and issued instructions for construction of additional foot bridge immediately.
But given the scope of the undertaking and the number of communities being brought together in a single production, however, James Still's play ``A Long Bridge Over Deep Waters'' is more a Golden Gate-like expanse than a mere pedestrian foot bridge.
Grants may be used for activities such as mapping, ecological assessments, surveying, conferences, and design activities; developing brochures, interpretative displays, audiovisual productions, or public opinion surveys; hiring consultants, incorporating land trusts, building a foot bridge, planning a bike path, or other creative projects.
His body was found on August 30 hanging from a foot bridge at Garston railway station with a number of handwritten notes, one for his wife.
She managed to cling on to a foot bridge and her boyfriend tried to reach her but could not so he called for help.
COUNTRYSIDE Forum readers have come up with some good suggestions for a foot bridge.
Through a gift of $40,000 to the newly organized Friends of the Smokies group, the Baxter Creek foot bridge will be returned to its original design as part of the park's 60th Anniversary Celebration.
1 million square foot Bridge Street Town Centre in McKinney, Texas, and the 4 million square foot Bridge Street Town Centre in Will County, Illinois.
Pedestrian crossings are also being improved to replace the old foot bridge removed earlier this month.
The pair traveled to the collapsed Harris Foot Bridge at Workington and helped to make safe a broken gas main.
Access over foot bridge to professionally tended gardens with waterfall, manicured lawns, shrubbery beds, which meander around to red brick walled rear garden with box hedge, with designated vegetable plot and Victorian style lean-to timber greenhouse.
They reached the entrance portal, via a foot bridge across the A16 motorway near Calais.
One is near Gibbet Hill, another over the Spencer Park foot bridge and the third near Cannon Park School.