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the skeleton of the human foot between the toes and the tarsus

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Team member Irene Vikatou needed only good observation to detect a high prevalence of a rare type of bone lesion called osteochondritis dissecans (OD) in the foot bones.
Playing or running barefoot on uneven terrain activates the foot bones and they become functional, something that they don't when you run with your shoes on because then the muscles become dormant," Chowdhury told M AIL T ODAY .
However, after a few months of ambulating, due to autonomic neuropathy sustained in the spinal cord injury, he started developing classical 'Charcot' destruction of the hind and mid foot bones of his right foot, even though he did not have diabetes.
Little remained of his body and during the early stage of investigations police were only able to establish Mr Chauhan's gender by looking at the size of his foot bones.
Meanwhile, new analyses of foot bones from two partial Australopithecus sediba skeletons show that this hominid had an upwardly curved, mobile mid-foot built for tree-climbing, reported anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva of Boston University.
However, the incentive to begin pointe between ages 11 and 13 is precisely because the foot bones are still malleable.
But they do want others to know about their experience, and be aware of the possible association between the drug and broken foot bones.
FEET: The tiger's small foot bones are tied to a child's wrist to cure convulsions.
But the German researchers said in a letter published online Wednesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association that closer scrutiny of his foot bones pointed to sickle cell disease, in which red blood cells become dangerously misshaped.
Mutations in the GDF6 gene can lead to fusion of the wrist and foot bones as well as a fusion of the neck vertebrae, a genetic disorder known as Klippel-Feil syndrome.
He and some family members had a form of Kohler disease, which can cause foot bones to collapse from lack of blood but would not have been fatal.
The ornate casket which will be on display in Cardiff contains portions of her thigh and foot bones.
The skeleton is quite complete, although we recently discovered the foot bones were skilfully carved from wood.
DeSilva has done additional research on foot bones and skulls, and he said he hopes his findings lead to further studies on anatomy and tree-climbing.
It says obesity can strain a horse's heart and lungs or cause laminitis, a condition where foot bones rotate and push through the sole.