foot-and-mouth disease

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acute contagious disease of cloven-footed animals marked by ulcers in the mouth and around the hoofs

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She was shocked when a doctor said it was hand, foot and mouth disease, as she had assumed it was chicken pox.
Perhaps understandably, telling a parent that their child has hand, foot and mouth disease often results in a slightly anxious expression.
There's no specific treatment for hand, foot and mouth disease but self-help measures should relieve symptoms.
The decision was based on the warning bulletin from the World Organization for Animal Health indicating the presence of cases of foot and mouth disease in the State of Mongolia.
Hand, foot and mouth disease was clinically recognized in 1957 in Toronto, Canada.
Phillip Tovey, whose three yearold son Tristan caught hand, foot and mouth at the nursery, said: "I think it is disgusting that they haven't bothered to inform parents.
In recent years Welsh farmers have been hit badly by foot and mouth outbreaks which paralysed the movement of livestock.
The NPHS also told the Echo that it was aware of at least 14 cases of hand foot and mouth in South Wales.
At that time myself and others asked why animals designed by the Almighty to eat grass were being fed cannibal pellets, which were being imported from countries awash with foot and mouth.
He said animals showed signs of ulcers but there were no lesions and swabs and blood tests on his calves were being carried out to confirm it was not foot and mouth.
Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has lifted its ban on imports of British sheep and goat meat, imposed since the UK's foot and mouth epidemic of 2001.
Deaths of children during an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in Sarawak, Malaysia: clinical and pathological characteristics of the disease.
Brian Porter, who runs the five-bedroom Croft Guest House in Bransford, near Worcester, said: 'It's a disgrace that 95 per cent of businesses affected by foot and mouth will not be eligible because they do not have the right number of bedrooms.
Scientists, veterinarians and food safety experts from the world's agricultural nations agreed May 31 to accept new testing standards aimed at slowing the spread of foot and mouth disease and certifying that national cattle herds are free from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or Mad Cow disease.
We are all farmers and no one wants to jump the gun but a carefully managed resumption could now take place in areas least affected and least at risk from foot and mouth.