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an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

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The FELIN system includes a complete armament system focused on the foot soldier that will significantly improve the foot soldiers' capability and reactivity in the field.
On this Bloody Sunday, about 600 foot soldiers, some of whom, thankfully, remain with us today, absorbed with uncommon dignity the unbridled force of racism, putting their lives on the line for that most basic American right: the simple right to vote, a right which already had been long guaranteed and long denied.
Neil kinnock has appealed for more foot soldiers to champion the work of the British Council.
Instead, Hunter said his detectives are acting more like foot soldiers in the war on terrorism, keeping their eyes and ears open for anything that they might pass on to a federal agency.
A HISTORY re-enactment involving foot soldiers recruiting for Queen Victoria's forces in India will take place at Kenilworth Castle at the weekend.
Like all foot soldiers they are simple marks for tragedy and pathos.
Natural killer cells are the foot soldiers of the immune system.
GERANIUMS are the foot soldiers of the flower world.
I chose to look at the different battles from differing perspectives, from alternating character's points of view, from different sections of the military, right from the highest officers down to the foot soldiers and cavalrymen, down even to the poor people who followed behind ancient armies to scavenge what they could from the dead.
CHEERS: Tartan Army foot soldiers get in the mood with a few beers
You just get a little slice of history - of what it was like for these men,'' said re-enactor Wendy Atkins of Llano, who, disguised as a man, will ride in a cavalry unit while her husband, Tom, leads foot soldiers.
I bracket you three in the same category - not foot soldiers but foremen in a supervisory category.
Circling at a distance of 100 to 200 yards from the herds of unarmored foot soldiers, a chariot crew - one to drive, one to shoot [arrows] - might have transfixed six men a minute.
Sulla placed his foot soldiers between the main body of the Pontus forces and Chaironeia, but could not repel the hilltop squadron until two townsmen, Homoloichos and Anaxidamos, offered to lead Roman soldiers up a back pathway on Thourion to surprise the invaders.