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an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

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Several of his foot soldiers have also been killed by troops, while many of the insurgents who escaped are now surrendering to the Republic of Niger Defence Forces, following the Amnesty granted the insurgents by the Government of Niger Republic.
Since they are foot soldiers, I would expect the name of this branch to reflect it.
This work is a reappraisal of the history and legacy of the Black Panther Party through portraits, poignant interviews, and illuminating essays to reveal the grit and battle scars of the foot soldiers of the party, some of whom eventually became top party leaders themselves--and the undying love for the people that kept them going.
Design of the Joint Crew systems aims at providing protection for foot soldiers, vehicles, and permanent structures, and this particular version develops a common open architecture across all three capabilities.
On the cover was a medieval citadel surrounded by archers, armed horsemen, and sword-wielding foot soldiers in chain mail.
The Larnaca Cinema Society will be hosting the screening of the 2014 documentary Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy at the Larnaca Medieval Castle at 8.
SHOW OF SUPPORTTARTAN Army foot soldiers have been tweeting in the build-up to the Celtic Park clash TARTAN Army foot soldiers have been tweeting in the build-up to the Celtic Park clash
He claims we have witnessed groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth successfully exploiting the gullible to become their foot soldiers, to fight for their extreme left-wing ideology under their green banner.
This time the cameras are in five Cardiff hospitals showcasing nurses, the underpaid, overworked foot soldiers of the NHS about whom not a bad word must be spoken.
In less than a month since he's taken over, several new faces have been busy as the party's new media foot soldiers.
We reject the way these foot soldiers are literally turned into some sort of target practice for the PKK, at the shack-style security stations which have been hit repeatedly over the years, from which we lose the bulk of our young soldiers.
We think that this is where the issue lies as the industry tries to move up the value chain - the leadership creates fancy strategies to move up the chain but by the time it gets translated to the "foot soldier" it all gets dissipated - the foot soldiers doesn't understand and appreciate the esoteric talk of the top leadership.
Pakistan carried out a sweeping offensive in 2009 in South Waziristan targeting the country s main Taliban faction, but many of their commanders and foot soldiers are believed to have fled to neighbouring North Waziristan.
Israeli foot soldiers armed with machine guns and sniper rifles were seen taking combat positions behind a sand barrier along the fenced border in the south.
Like theirs, our foot soldiers are drawn from the ranks of the working class.