fool's paradise

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an illusory state of wellbeing

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Fools Paradise Tent, cabaret night, 8pm Fireshow in the Arena, 10.
Eugene art galleries holding receptions tonight but not as part of the First Friday Art Walk: Criterion, Jacobs, Fools Paradise Tea House, White Lotus, Circle of Hands, Current Glassworks, Temporarily Maude, La Follette, Tre Amici Cafe, Adell McMillan (EMU) and the WOW Hall Lobby.
He further said that having expectations from this government is like living in fools paradise.
Other attractions over the three days include the Godiva Procession, Godiva Historic Car Run, Phoenix tent, Greenspace, the Lives and Times history fair, a rhythm tent, Fools Paradise human circus tent, stalls, the fire brigade, a 50+ tent and an arena.
His party always strived for promotion of democracy, he said and added that those dreaming of grabbing power through backdoor were living in fools paradise.
To another query, he said that the people, who were making statements regarding application of the Article-6 of the Constitution, were living in the fools paradise, as if they were sincere to their cause they would have done something in the last two years.
Other galleries holding receptions tonight: Vivace, Fools Paradise Tea House, Criterion, Temporarily Maude, Provenance, Fifth Street Photography, La Follette, WOW Hall and the Museum of Unfine Art.