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(ecology) a community of organisms where each member is eaten in turn by another member

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Many are taken abroad with false papers, ending up in the foodchain.
Members of FABRA, the Foodchain & Biomass Renewabies Association, are responsible for the majority of the UK's meat byproduct processing capacity and I am delighted that its chief executive, Stephen Woodgate, will be one of our key high level speakers at MEATUP in June," announced workshops coordinator Pamela Brook.
Teardown firms like his are hired by an array of clients throughout the technology foodchain.
Dave, my long-suffering husband, has had the peshwari ripped out of him for his snoring, dress sense, habits and for just being a typical curry-eating, wine-gargling, slightly further back down the foodchain Scotsman.
Moreover, the short foodchain between plant and man as an herbivore makes the efficiency of transfer from plant to man very high [18].
The question is how best to thwart intentional foodchain attacks that could cause enormous physical suffering, as well as crippling economic damage.
Amongst the affected species are microscopic marine plants called coccolithophorids, which lie at the base of the marine foodchain and are part of the "meadows of the sea" on which most marine life ultimately depends.
BECAUSE OUR GOAL at Chief Executive is to be at the top of the business world's intellectual foodchain, we are introducing a new look to the magazine as of this month.
But meat worth at least pounds 836,000 got into the foodchain before an investigation was finally launched.
Another significant consolidation occurred last April between Second Harvest, the nation's largest network of food banks, and Foodchain, with its nationwide infrastructure for distributing prepared, perishable food to social service charities.
Well, whether you believe the foodchain was shaped by divine ordinance or evolutionary selection, the fact remains that human-beings are genetically predisposed to consume animal protein.
As journalists have moved up the economic foodchain, they've lost their knee-jerk identification with the values and realities of working-class life.
Most imaginative offering came from one top Italian foodchain, whose clearly embarrassed manager came up with: 'I'm sorry, it'll be at least an hour before we can take your order.
America has pervasive hunger at a time when we're told there is opportunity for all," said Deborah Leff, president and CEO of America's Second Harvest, at a press conference this spring announcing the merger of her organization, considered the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief group, and Foodchain, which focuses on food-rescue programs.
Profit incentives are thus created by designing our products and using raw materials that re-enter the foodchain smoothly, into nature or back into the factory.