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(ecology) a community of organisms where there are several interrelated food chains

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1988) that most top predators of arthropod dominated food webs are omnivores.
Several previous studies of food web structures have suggested that species-rich ecosystems are often more robust than species-poor ecosystems," she said.
Ecologists have long debated whether the number of predators--such as fish that feed on smaller creatures--at the top of the ecosystem's food web or the availability of nutrients at the bottom of the web more strongly influences the condition of ecosystems.
In their 6 February 1998 Science report, Pauly and colleagues call this process "fishing down the food web.
Skimming large and medium-size fish off the top of oceanic food webs has left a disproportionate fraction of marine biomass at the lower end of the "pyramid of life," says Pauly.
But it is not known how steroidal estrogens released into the environment affect growth, development, and reproduction of invertebrates, the foundation of marine food webs and ecosystems.
In one elementary school experience, kids learned about food webs by building their own animals and using them to collaboratively explore different simulation environments.
The project aims at characterizing and comparing food webs associated with aphids developing on 6 distinct ecosystems in native vs.
The research suggested that limiting human use of roads and trails in wildlife areas to less than 18 people a day might reduce the effects on the large mammalian food web, but a growing human population means that the effects on wildlife food webs will likely increase.
predators and better predict how the flea will alter local food webs.
The company's core technology -- the Aquasearch Growth Module -- is a revolutionary device for mass-producing microalgae, the plants that are the base of all aquatic food webs.
It s time for conservation managers and those who do everything from set fishing quotas to establish how endangered and threatened species are listed to completely rethink how we regulate ecosystems, according to a pair of scientists who have authored a paper that challenges how organisms are classified in food webs.
The trophic level of an organism shows where it fits in food webs, with microscopic algae at a trophic level of one and large predators such as sharks, halibut and tuna at a trophic level of around four.
A lot of people are building computer models of marine microbial food webs," says Wolfe.
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