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The food seasoning division produces various products with Indofood brand through PT.
In year 2000, Japanese food seasoning giant Ajinomoto Co.
Competitive prices are now being offered to cassava farmers because of the growing demand for the commodity vis-a-vis the production of ethanol, modified starches for textile, adhesives, paper and plywood industries, glucose syrup, food seasoning and pharmaceutical products, as well as livestock feeds.
THOUSANDS of Christmas shoppers bought food seasoning packs laced with a cancer-causing dye, it emerged yesterday.
Pickled caper flower buds are an important food seasoning whose pungent flavour is due to the presence of the fungus and the pickling process.
peppermint are examples of an herb (erb): plants that are often used as medicines, food seasoning, and as scents.
Since 1999, the Indofood Group has sold 34 food seasoning products with the brands of Kecap Manis Indofood, Saus Sambal and Saus Tomat Indofood.
In addition, Savory Market will embark this month on a nationwide search for a dog to be featured on the label of the next Savory Dog Pet Food Seasoning flavor, scheduled to debut this September.
Consumers of industrial salt in the country include food seasoning, caustic soda, textile, paper, oil drilling, LNG.
Podravka s Vegeta brand is an internationally recognised food seasoning that is sold in 40 countries.
Spices and food seasoning, broth, and batter are produced by PT Mitratama Rasa Sejati.
Sookram has developed several products for bakery, seafood, sport drinks, snack food seasoning, meats and the pizza industry sold in today's marketplace.
The factories of the companies are generally integrated with food seasoning factories producing monosodium glutamate (MSG) and glutamic acid (GA).
Sorbitol is a sweetening material from tapioca flour used as basic material for toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoo, food seasoning and other manufactured products.
As a food seasoning material, MSG seems to have been gaining popularity among overseas consumers.
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