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the federal department that administers programs that provide services to farmers (including research and soil conservation and efforts to stabilize the farming economy)

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Under a funding scheme, the FSSAI would associate with central and state government agencies, consumer organisations, non- governmental organisations ( NGOs) and other institutions, including government universities and colleges working in the area of food safety for undertaking surveys and food quality tests, etc under its Information, Education and Communication ( IEC) activities.
The Food Safety Summit Resource Center, a regular PACK EXPO feature since 2010, brings together experts in food production and food safety for a series of educational opportunities.
Food Safety Solutions offers specialised food industry services such as food safety auditing, training and consultancy, including developing and implementing HACCP plans and BRC customised audit solutions.
Joan has devoted her career to creating a world-class foundation for food safety and quality through the standardization of best practices.
The NSF International Food Safety Leadership Awards recognise individuals and organisations for real and lasting impacts on food safety.
Food Safety Myths - like using the 'sniff test' to tell whether food is safe to eat - could be putting consumers and their families at risk of food poisoning in the home.
Members of North Tyneside Council's food safety team will be in some of the borough's shopping centres during Food Safety Week, which runs from June 10 to 16.
I m pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Bailey, Robert Greenall, and Peter Moloney to the Dairy Food Safety Victoria Board, along with the re-appointment of Zoe Attwood, Barry Lierich and Margaret Darton, Mr Walsh said.
Food safety experts from Ecolab and SFDAIED are conducting food safety training for large, state-owned restaurants and food service providers throughout the cities of Beijing, Wuhan and Baise to strengthen operational standards, promote proper food safety practices and increase public awareness of the importance of food safety, according to the company.
The growing membership of the World Trade Organization and the need to comply with the agreement on the application of Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary measures and the agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade have transformed the global context for food safety and food trade [3].
Muscat, Dec 21 (ONA) The Food Safety Committee at the Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry today held a meeting under the chair of Hamad bin Sulaiman al-Ghareebi, Undersecretary of the Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry for Regional Municipalities Affairs.
MUSCAT: The Second Oman Food Safety Conference stressed on the critical importance of food safety, apart from discussing the challenges to improve food safety.
For more than a decade, GAO has reported on the fragmented nature of federal food safety oversight and how it results in inconsistent oversight, ineffective coordination, and inefficient use of resources.
The cleanliness and standard of facilities in the premises were excellent and the Environmental Health Officer was very impressed by the food safety management system in operation.
The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is pleased to announce action by the FMI Board of Directors for the establishment of The Center of Excellence for Food Safety and Protection.
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