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Food rationing was not introduced in London until February 1918.
1954: After 14 years food rationing was to end by July when meat and bacon became available again.
IRAQ faces a humanitarian ``catastrophe'' if the country's food rationing system is not put back in place now, a leading aid agency warned last night.
THE BRITISH will introduce food rationing in the event of a major terrorist attack.
Back four decades ago, cabin-class passengers who were glad to escape the postwar food rationing period in Britain were extremely impressed with the fare on the Queen.
Efforts at food rationing, while crucial in preventing mass starvation, created black markets that were accompanied by inefficiency, corruption, and violence.
THERE was delight in July 1954 when 14 years of food rationing in Britain ended.
It will feature the fictitious Mrs Arnold from the Ministry of Food, who will be letting people know how to make the most of Second World War food rationing.