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allergic reaction to a substance ingested in food

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Before this I doubted whether food intolerances really existed but now I am certain they do.
Having built on 13 years of food intolerance research, restaurateur Attilio Sergi has adopted a unique approach to providing 'flavoursome favourites' that meet coeliac needs.
Food intolerances are "in vogue", according to dietitian Nigel Denby (grub4life.
Food intolerances are milder by comparison, but far more common.
I see more than 100 patients a month with allergy or food intolerance symptoms and that number is rising," said Dr Maria Ridao Alonso, Managing and Medical Director, Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre.
In most cases food intolerances are confused with food allergies.
These include many different tests for food intolerance including vega testing, kinesiology, hair "body field analysis" testing, cytotoxic and live blood testing.
The increase in coeliac disease in the UAE is reflected in the supply of gluten-free products," said Dr Sanjida Ahmad, director of research at Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences that conducts food intolerance tests in Dubai.
Managing Director of Free & Easy, Cliff Moss said: "Catering for a food intolerance or allergy can be a complex task, with common allergens found in a vast array of staple foods.
Food intolerances are not as obvious as true food allergies Food intolerances can take up to 3 days to cause symptoms in an adult, 2 days in a child.
Some nutritional experts believe a host of common ailments may be linked to our diet, as a result of problems including food intolerances, blood-sugar level imbalances and fatty acid deficiencies.
Food allergies and food intolerances are increasing dramatically throughout the world, especially among developed countries.
The fat-free range has no added sugar, dairy, gluten, soya and nuts, plugging a gap for consumers with food intolerances.
Charity Allergy UK estimate that such commonsounding problems affect 12 million people across the UK and that these symptoms, as well as others, could all be related to food intolerances.
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