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allergic reaction to a substance ingested in food

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There is often confusion about the term food allergy, as opposed to a food hypersensitivity or food intolerance.
The prevalence of food hypersensitivity in young adults.
Chronic fatigue in patients with unexplained self-reported food hypersensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome: validation of a Norwegian translation of the Fatigue Impact Scale Clin Exp Castroenterol.
Interestingly, of the 276 patients with NCWS, 206 also reacted to the DBPC CM challenge suggesting multiple food hypersensitivity.
Scientists at the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre on the Isle of Wight have found that the incidence of food hypersensitivity (FHS) has remained almost constant for the past 20 years.
In the absence of suitable diagnostic biomarkers to identify all pathways of food hypersensitivity, medical practitioners are severely limited in their ability to diagnose food allergen sensitivities, and to subsequently determine if an intervention strategy, such as maternal dietary restriction, is effective.
Key words: allergens, Bacillus thuringiensis, crops, endotoxins, food hypersensitivity, genetic engineering, genetics, immunology, recombinant proteins, transgenic plants.
Educational session highlights will include: -- Anthrax and Smallpox as Biological Weapons -- Therapeutic Advances for Allergies and Asthma -- Advances in Food Hypersensitivity -- Issues with Bioterrorism in Immunodeficient Populations -- Health Effects of Indoor Molds -- Allergic Reactions to Vaccines -- New Strategies in Allergen Vaccine Development -- Vaccines and Biologic Threats
The Halmstad team did raise the question in a survey of 1,139 Swedes claiming food hypersensitivity.
This is a controversial area, partly because doctors think of a true food allergy as being either a severe, life-threatening reaction such as anaphylactic shock or a food hypersensitivity which causes a rash, vomiting and abdominal pains or diarrhoea - such as after eating shellfish.
The objective in preparing this book was to provide a resource offering up-to-date basic science and relevant clinical expertise in the area of food hypersensitivity.
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