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the act of searching for food and provisions


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As a child, she helped her mother and sister to gather berries and birds' eggs, but her father did most of the food gathering.
Additionally, human females can live well beyond their reproductive years, and the contributions of nonreproducing grandmothers may enhance their own children's reproductive effort further and decrease infant mortality, as they offer extra assistance in child rearing and food gathering.
Through deforestation and pastoral development, these traditional lands and food gathering places were becoming marginal resources.
Our food gathering continued on the 45-mile return.
Chapters cover everything beginner, intermediate, or seasoned outdoorsmen need to know about hunting adult whitetail bucks, from their common defensive traits (erratic nonstop movement, quick food gathering, herd protection) to the best feeding and bedding area stand sites to the art of trail making and much more.
Mount Pisgah Arboretum: "Kalapuya Harvest Walk" led by arboretum nature guide Adrienne Schartz covers fall food gathering practices of Willamette Valley native people, 10 a.
Greys proved more efficient at food gathering and reproducing and now number two million.
After two quick rounds of food gathering, the students learn about the variety of animal species that live underground and glean insight into their fragile cave habitat.
Whatever the reasons for the changes, a vast majority of residents surveyed in those villages believe traditional food gathering is only a shadow of what it was before the spill, according to the Department of Fish and Game study.
The problem is that, following removal of the introduced Asian water buffalo in recent decades, the native grass (Hymenachne acutigluma) has spread and dominated the wetland--not only reducing habitat diversity, but also limiting access for hunting and food gathering.
The training includes personal protection, shelter construction, food gathering, signaling, communications and recovery.
The government policy aims to guarantee public access to beaches by stopping private ownership and ensuring traditional Maori activities such as food gathering can continue.
All forms of natural resource harvesting and food gathering by people kill some non-targeted species or disturbed key ecosysytem processes.
Moreover, these early migrants incorporated a much wider range of food gathering techniques than traditionally suggested in the Clovis model.
Russia, however, made the argument against this move difficult by claiming that it was acting for "the good" by converting the large estates kept by a few for "hunting and food gathering noblemen", to agricultural production.