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a digestible substance used to give color to food

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In Ecumra, with fields boasting around 70 million tulips, the tulip leaves have also been broken off and collected -- they are used to make food dyes (and even textile dyes).
To provide a suitable matrix in which color can be seen, each artificial food dye was mixed with modified corn starch (Capsul[TM], Aranal, S.
She and her colleagues at Purdue are among those trying to look at food dye metabolism in humans.
Today's fancy dress costumes are brilliant but a word of warning - food dye is not to be confused with face paints.
According to the International Association of Color Manufacturers, a trade association for food dye makers and users, artificial color additives enhance and correct natural colors and "provide a colorful identity to foods that would otherwise be virtually colorless," as well as compensating for natural color loss during storage and providing a way to quickly identify pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.
Yet another group found last year that a common and safe blue food dye might block inflammation.
From what is the edible food dye cochineal traditionally made?
From what is the edible food dye cochineal Adolf Hitler, My Part In His Downfall?
To decorate One small pack of marzipan Red food dye Drinking chocolate Chocolate chips Icing sugar
A BLUE food dye used in M& M sweets could help to mend broken backs and save people from paralysis.
Systemic absorption of food dye in patients with sepsis (letter).
The Sudan 1 scandal broke in February last year when hundreds of products were recalled following the contamination of a hatch of chilli powder with the illegal food dye (The Grocer, 26 February 2005, p4).