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Synonyms for famine

Synonyms for famine

an acute insufficiency

a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

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Highlighting the severity of food crisis issue, Afridi said the price of food items such as vegetables, chicken and meat has increased by more than 20 percent just in one month, which has further made the half of the population of country food insecure.
We are facing tough times as we do not have much work left for the elephants and there is food crisis for elephants.
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) emergencies director Dominique Burgeon said more than 1 million people are facing some form of food crisis.
Elaborating, he said the company has succeeded in stabilizing prices of the main products, rates of other commodities "and stemming high prices that almost became a lasting fact at start of the international food crisis that hit the world in 2008.
The food crisis is the 'main worry' when it comes to security in Mali, in whose northern regions it is no longer possible to farm or harvest, and whose south is burdened with the arrival of large numbers of refugees.
But Yemen's food crisis does not only represent a threat to Yemenis, but much more importantly it represents a threat to various actors in the region and the wider world, ranging from neighbouring oil-rich, but moral-poor Saudi Arabia to the ever-more self-interested United States.
43 a bushel, breaking highs last seen during the 2007-08 global food crisis.
Africa's Sahel food crisis has been brought to centre stage with a new short video from a top Emirati filmmaker and supporter of Oxfam, the confederation of 15 organisations which combats poverty and injustice.
In the wake of the food crisis of 2007-08 many donors made a renewed commitment to food security.
ATLANTA, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Leaders at the humanitarian organization CARE are calling attention to a new report showing that the vast food crisis in West Africa's Sahel region is deteriorating fast and now affects more than 18 million people in need of emergency assistance.
We strive to tie the intersectionalities of the right to food and food sovereignty to work on the following issues: Poverty, Economic Crisis & Food Crisis, Nutrition/Malnutrition, Water & Sanitation, Land Rights & Land Grabbing, Minority & Indigenous Rights, Climate Change, War & Conflict, Refugee Status & Displacement, Environmental Risks & Hazards, Migration, and Natural Disasters.
The funds are to target 10 million people in the Sahel region who are at risk from a growing food crisis.
GENEVA: The United Nations warned Friday that Africa's Sahel region faced a serious food crisis and appealed for urgent action to save a million children at risk of malnutrition.
The Minister hailed efforts exerted by the FAO to achieve its goals regarding issues related to food crisis and emergency cases in certain countries under current circumstances, wars and changes all over the world.
A CHARITY worker from Bangladesh is embarking on a two-week tour around Wales to raise awareness of the international food crisis.