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Synonyms for famine

Synonyms for famine

an acute insufficiency

a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

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Food crises do not stop at borders, whether they be those of a country or of the European Union (EU).
Therefore Chinese cultivation pattern is the best model to be implemented, on the land of Pakistan in order to cope with the upcoming expected food crises, Afridi asserted.
Oxfam aid agency said on Tuesday that its aid operations were stretched to the limit as it tried to deal with "one of the worst food crises to hit the region in living memory.
The current emergency has again raised the issue of sustainable solutions to the region's repeated bouts with food crises.
Basic, simple acts such as eating less meat and dairy, reducing waste and educating our children about the value of food are things that everyone can and should do--whether they live in a rural area or a high-rise city apartment--but, they will help to solve our future food crises only if we all take action.
This menacing combination of both short- and long-term challenges requires that we act now to bolster out collective food security--or risk new and potentially even more dramatic food crises in the future.
By this I mean, having heard about financial and food crises, we must care about our agricultural sector and work hard in order to produce our own food.
Ms Keaney added: "BSE, Foot and Mouth and other food crises were all caused by inappropriate treatment of waste.
The financial, fuel and food crises form the backdrop of the World Bank and IMF annual meetings.
It also found that the ravages of HIV, conflict and climate change are major causes of food crises for which a solution is possible.
Building on a 30-year history in Niger, ACT member Lutheran World Relief will continue to address immediate needs, while also working with partners to develop and implement innovative development strategies that can stave off future food crises.