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Synonyms for famine

Synonyms for famine

an acute insufficiency

a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

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Officials in Brussels had suggested splitting the EFSA's remit so that Helsinki could advise on food crises and Parma could conduct food research.
As it exacerbates overpopulation and food crises, climate change may affect more people than did war in the last century.
With the discontinued use of the 416(b) surplus disposal program, an increase in commodity prices between 20 and 40 percent, as well as the development of unanticipated food crises in Southern and Eastern Africa, this is a time when U.
Prior to the meeting with Minister Dastis, the Executive Director of WFP held a meeting in the morning in the Congress of Deputies with the Bureau and Spokesmen of the Commission for International Development Cooperation, and participated in a colloquium in "Casa de America "on" Current food crises and food security prospects in 2018 ".
Summary: The Red Crescent Authority (RCA) started the second phase of its programme to provide aid to the victims of food crises in Yemen on Thursday.
GENEVA, May 14 (KUNA) -- As European Union Finance Ministers meet on May 15, coinciding with the G-8 Summit in Camp David, a group of United Nations independent experts urged the EU on Monday to take the lead in promoting the adoption of a global financial transaction tax to offset the costs of the enduring economic, financial, fuel, climate, and food crises, and to protect basic human rights.
At the Agriculture Council, on 20 May in Brussels, most of the Union's agriculture ministers rejected Britain's claims that the Common Agricultural Policy is partly responsible for the higher prices and for the food crises in different parts of the world.
She said: "It smacks to me of governments wanting to remove themselves from criticism for food crises.
The world faces one of the largest food crises in 70 years, with 20 million people in four countries - northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen - at risk of famine.
This is particularly crucial for the Horn of Africa countries, which is witnessing one of the worst food crises ever," Al Mansouri said.