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campaign are to bring more consumers into the frozen food aisle, increase usage-sales across all product lines, and to promote the convenience, quality, taste and meal solution aspects of frozen foods to consumers through a warm, appetite-appealing presentation of the category.
The product was launched in January and is available in the pet food aisle of major grocery and pet retailers across the country.
He adds that the most progressive retailers are also using shopper card data to better understand who is shopping the baby food aisle and understanding their customers' different buying behaviors.
Our objective was to reacquaint consumers with the frozen food aisle and different quick meal solutions like Voila
The new frozen food line is designed to deliver delicious nutrition to today's health-conscious consumers, and represents Kashi's first foray into the frozen food aisle.
The product may be found in the granola or snack food aisle alongside other Sunbelt products.
Doors keep much of the cold air in the unit instead of spilling it out into the store and chilling the air around the frozen food aisle, which, in turn, forces the HVAC system to adjust the ambient temperature.
Retailers already possess one of the most powerful weapons in the HMR war: the frozen food aisle,' said Wagstaff, commenting on the ability of frozen food products to meet consumer wants and needs for meal solutions that offer a wide variety of convenient, high quality and nutritious choices.
Motivational tips and tools within the book keep dieters on the path to success and helps keep them from straying to the junk food aisle.
com features a video conversation with the founders of Evol Burritos, who seek to bring ethos of Michael Pollan or Alice Waters to the frozen food aisle.
The ice cream-style treat, designed especially for cats' digestive systems, is merchandised in the frozen food aisle.
The frozen food aisle today offers much more than TV dinners.
Although consumers will find the pots in the chilled food aisle alongside soups and chilled ready meals, they are designed to be eaten hot.
is debuting in the frozen food aisle with its line of Spinach Sensations hand-held turnovers.