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a government-issued stamp that can be used in exchange for food

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Every state now conducts nutrition education for current and potential Food Stamp Program clients, supported by administrative matching funds and implemented according to State plans approved by U.
The efforts will educate residents about eligibility in the Food Stamp Program, communicate the simplified enrollment process, and reinforce participants' privacy protection.
A farm bill signed by President Barack Obama in February attempted to save money by scaling back what lawmakers called a loophole in the food stamp program that entitles low-income families to more food aid if they participate in a federal heating assistance program.
food stamp program is considered a non-tradedistorting form of support exempted from WTO spending limits because beneficiaries pay market prices for food.
Even the supermarkets and grocery stores that settled in these areas may have to close because of this last round of cuts in the food stamp program,” said LeNoir.
There is no way the Democratic-controlled Senate or President Obama would allow such draconian cuts in the nation's food stamp program.
Danais climbed aboard the New Hampshire House listserv the other day to offer his wisdom to his fellow reps--this time on the federal food stamp program and what he called "a short lesson in irony.
Tavakkoli then compared his Food Stamp program to the American Food Stamp program, clearly assuming that the comparison was a winning argument.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The number of Americans enrolled in the government's food stamp program has risen to surpass the previous month's record.
In 2009, the Food Stamp Program (FSP) served about 34 million persons at a total cost of $56 billion and the Supplemental Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) served 9 million people at a cost of $6.
Formerly known as the food stamp program, SNAP is administered by the federal government.
A reprint of USDA report FSP-08-NH dated July 2008 on the dietary practices of food stamp program participants.
The Food Stamp Program may help contribute to obesity among its users, according to a nationwide study by the University of Michigan, Dearborn, that followed participants for 14 years.
The program areas addressed include the regular Food Stamp program, programs operating in lieu of food stamps, The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, Community Food Projects, the Seniors FarmersE Market Nutrition Program, initiatives to provide fresh fruit and vegetable in schools, and newly proposed nutrition and health promotion or support projects.
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