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When the lady of the red cushion came close to Porthos, Porthos drew his dripping hand from the font.
The font was of stone worn smooth by long-continued use, the four outer edges hollowed and polished by the contact of the countless Wieroo bodies that had leaned against them for how long a period of time Bradley could not even guess.
For all things are baptized at the font of eternity, and beyond good and evil; good and evil themselves, however, are but fugitive shadows and damp afflictions and passing clouds.
Osborne Todd on his cards and became a man of decided fashion), while Miss Osborne had accompanied Miss Maria Todd to the font, and gave her protegee a prayer-book, a collection of tracts, a volume of very low church poetry, or some such memento of her goodness every year.
Thus it came to pass that she was christened one Sunday afternoon, when the turnkey, being relieved, was off the lock; and that the turnkey went up to the font of Saint George's Church, and promised and vowed and renounced on her behalf, as he himself related when he came back, 'like a good 'un.
There were the seats where the poor old people sat, worn spare, and yellow like themselves; the rugged font where children had their names, the homely altar where they knelt in after life, the plain black tressels that bore their weight on their last visit to the cool old shady church.
com), the leading online provider of the world's fonts, announced today that it has greatly simplified the process of downloading and installing fonts from the MyFonts website.
Suitcase Fusion, a Mac OS X, single-user font manager, makes the many hassles of managing fonts effortless by including a central font repository, face level activation, font corruption checking and font identification technology.
NASDAQ: BITS) announced today that mPhase Technologies (OTCBB:XDSL) has signed an agreement to license Bitstream's Font Fusion technology and Bitstream fonts for their mPhase TV + System.
Japan and China, Monotype Imaging is the global leader in fonts and font technologies for graphic professionals, software developers and manufacturers of printers and display devices.
Monotype Imaging's line of East Asian stroke-based fonts enhanced with SmartHint technology is part of the company's new ESQ(R) Mobile (Enhanced Screen Quality) brand of fonts engineered for use on mobile phones.
In addition to Font Fusion, QNX has also licensed Bitstream's highly compact, scalable Asian stroke-based fonts, allowing QNX to provide Asian language support for its many customers in the Asian market.
This enables Suitcase Fusion to work with even more fonts than before, while ensuring the bullet-proof font management workflow our customers require.