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Of these, 8 (16%) nasal cavities showed accessory ostia in anterior fontanelle and 4 (8%) in the posterior fontanelle.
Therefore, although the costals of CRE985-1 were sutured to the peripherals, or separated by very narrow fontanelles, the fontanelles of NHMUK R2 were highly developed.
Out of which most of accessory maxillary ostia 70% were found in the anterior nasal fontanelle (ANF), 25% were found in posterior nasal fontanelle (PNF), and remaining 5% observed in hiatus semilunaris (HS).
Apart from the ostia, the fontanelle may be used to create alternate passage which re-establishes ventilation and drainage during therapy of maxillary sinusitis.
12] Brain growth, dural attachments, suture development and osteogenesis have all been reported to influence fontanelle development.
This study assessed variations in AF size in newborn Igbo babies in south-eastern Nigeria, with the aim of establishing baseline values and relating the findings to some factors reported to affect fontanelle size.
Adults: Shell strongly ossified, but with large fontanelles, centralia are in width more than the half of the carapace; plastron very wide, but with lateral fontanelles between hyo-and hypoplastra; the large bridge with wing like processes are in cartilagineous connection with the carapace; carapace length is 18 cm (KARL, 1997; DE LAPPARENT DE BROIN, 2001; MLYNARSKI, 1976).
DESCRIPTION: All characters of Parathalassemys according to NESSOV & KRASSOVSKAYA (1984) are present also in the other groups of Thalassemydidae, such as: turtles with shell length to 50 cm; sulci of horny shields deep; centrals broad, within their borders there are numerous folds, crossed by concentric lines; last costal with two widely separated free ribheads, laterally with respect to them there are large elevated areas for the connection of the ilium; two metaneurals; the full range of vertebras is present in front of their elongation; heads of the trunk fibs are strong, at the last costal plate two of these heads are widely apart from each other and the plastron in large specimens is moderately developed and shows other central fontanelles.
The lateral margin of the costal plates was in contact with fontanelles.
The fontanelles of this specimen, located between the costal and the peripheral plates, are well developed.
echoic) objects and dim dark (anechoic) ones, skeletal structures can be visualized, affording a look at the cranium and its fontanelles and sutures.
The soft spots on the top of your baby's skull where the bones are still not joined are called the fontanelles.
Nasal fontanelles are the areas of the lateral nasal wall that are absent of bone.
In order to differentiate the fontanelles of the skull from those of the nasal cavity, the latter should be referred to as nasal fontanelles.
General status was well, the anterior fontanelle had a size of 2x1.