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a unit of subjective loudness

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Thanks to its many advances, Da Fon is now able to export both its experience and plastics to the rest of the world.
To join the network is simple: Deutsche Telekom's broadband subscribers just need to sign up to the Fon service and share the unused capacity of their internet connection with other users.
Fon Williams said: "The players in front of me play a massive part in keeping clean sheets for the team.
The FON Easy WiFi application will allow its customers to connect automatically to the more than half a million hotspots in the FON WiFi network without the inconvenience of entering user IDs and passwords in a browser.
Box Fon WLAN 7270 enables WLAN connections with the WLAN N standard, which is ideal for simultaneously transmitting data, voice and multimedia and which supports gross data transfer rates up to 300 Mbit/s.
Tom Ojala "FON is a perfect companion to roll out wireless Wi-Fi access in mobile phones as FON already has an established user base of hundreds of thousands of physical FON Wi-Fi base-stations.
After a few years that I spent on various consulting projects following eZuz, long-time mentor Kaoru Hayashi, who is the CEO and President of Digital Garage, introduced me to Martin Varsavsky, the founder of FON, and it took him and me all of 30 minutes to shake hands and decide that we should work together.
In addition FON said it is to host events in San Francisco and New York in the next month.
We are very satisfied that Morten Fon has taken on the task of leading Jotun in the years to come.
Fon Williams says he is looking for a move that will give him regular first-team football.
All proceeds of the event will be used for FON scholarships to nursing students enrolled in baccalaureate or higher degree programs in Colorado Each year earnings from the FON endowment are supplemented by donations and fundraising efforts.
Agreement Gives AT&T Customers Access to Fon's International Wi-Fi Network; Fon Members Will Enjoy Access to AT&T's U.
Renowned branding agency works with Fon to design new iconic identity
So it is no wonder Owain Fon Williams described it as "a real honour" when the former Everton and Wales number one argued his case for full international recognition by Chris Coleman.