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When you're follicly challenged like me, it's really hard to start growing your hair - you just look terrible.
Bikers are no longer greasy haired youths, but more likely to be follicly challenged 40-plus with money to spend and wanting somewhere to go and something to do.
Mr Hubbard, from Hackney, east London, joked about the attention William's hair has received and said: "I'm old enough to know that almost every royal has been follicly challenged.
Themes included "Harryless Potter and the Menorah of Fire" (Jeff could be described as follicly challenged in his photo) and, the one we picked, "The Three Scrooges: A Hannakah Carole.
Men expect to lose their hair, and many, like actors Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas, Sean Connery and Bruce Willis, have discovered that being follicly challenged increases their sex appeal.
Indeed the real ball-winner who has helped Gravesen flourish all season is the other follicly challenged midfielder who has operated alongside him.
The good news for follicly challenged UCLA coach Ben Howland is that he doesn't have that much hair left to lose, or pull out.
So, follicly challenged Orlando will wear a chest wig in order look `more mature' and convincing as battling blacksmith Balian of Ibelin.
Was she a mare of advancing years or the follicly challenged old dear who used to pull pints down at the Dog, Duck and Varlet?
Because the man in the very top job, editor David Brookes, not only has a beard but is so follicly challenged on top that he makes a billiard ball look like a hairy mammoth.
FOLLICLY CHALLENGED And the award for worst hairstyle of the night went to Channing Tatum's weird combover.
Women from the Gulf are flocking to hair transplant experts as a lack of exposure to the sun is leaving them follicly challenged.
Hailed as a 'miracle cure' for baldness, Propecia promises to do for the follicly challenged what Viagra did for the impotent.
I couldn't believe it when I saw bushy hair coming out of the side of my head because I'm follicly challenged.
said the Mail's follicly challenged restaurant critic Paul Fulford, pointing towards an equally unhairy man walking into Purnell's, the posh new city centre eaterie opened by Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell.
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