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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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While folklorists focus much of their time on their teaching and research projects, there has been a long history of involvement with the professional media.
Thus she finds historical and philological research of limited value; she also criticizes folklorists who have truncated legend texts and published them without any data about storytelling context and without professional commentaries.
Cohen's writing is exciting because it suggests ways in which folklorists can investigate an informant's use of music in their lives outside of one folkmusic/song paradigm within which the music and the song are central and their biographies (where they existed at all) are of interest only as adjuncts to the collection process.
While Lambrecht helped out on this project, her appreciation for the area and the cultural diversity that existed inspired her to advocate for the meeting's programs and for the group to gather in Cambridge and the Battenkill Valley for the folklorist conference.
Devine, one of our first folklorists and a Newfoundlander I personally admire" (v).
Annually, approximately 45 folklorists and community scholars gather for three days of training and discussion of issues relevant to the work of folklorists and traditional arts advocates.
The book, informed by the tenets of "practice theory" provides content that will be of use to cultural anthropologists, folklorists, and African studies researchers.
By contrast, leading West German folklorists like Hermann Bausinger and his school of Empirische Kulturwissenschaft [Empirical Cultural Science] at the University of Tubingen moved towards the social sciences by emphasizing everyday life and problems of the contemporary world (see Dow and Lixfeld 1986).
Besides learning skills of scientific inquiry through their studying the water quality of the Schoharie Creek and its watershed, 19 teens from Schenectady also worked with NYFS folklorists Ellen McHale and Lisa Overholser to learn ethnographic documentation skills.
The book is intended as a reference for folklorists, ethnomusicologists, historians, and general readers.
Folklorists will recognize this latter methodology, which emerged at about the same time in anthropological work.
By the twenties, both linguistic anthropologists and folklorists of a more ethnographic bent had developed criteria of reportage that discounted the "authenticity" of these composite texts given without attribution to actual informants.
One of the reasons that folklorists like me choose to bring local fishermen and baymen to schools is because we believe that the best education comes from interacting-with rich knowledgeable tradition bearers who can teach us about their tradition.
As a stimulus to thinking about the meaning of doing folklore, it is an important book for folklorists to tackle.
Over this three-day period, the New York Folklore Society hosted visiting textile artist Vera Nakonechny, as well as visiting folklorist Amy Skillman, in an exchange with local artist Eniko Farkas and host folklorists Ellen McHale and Lisa Overholser.