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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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Both groups of children have also been assigned coursework about China and about Mulan, a girl in a Chinese folk-tale.
Disney's animated entries for next year are Chinese folk-tale ``Mulan'' and its computer-generated ``A Bug's Life'' and DreamWorks is planning ``Antz'' and ``Shrek'' for 1999.
Professor Zipes's book turns out not to be about the traditional oral folk-tale but about the literary folk-tale and, in particular, about the manipulation in literate cultures of what have come to be regarded, often erroneously, as quintessential folk-tale situations and propositions.
But its plot is based on chronicle histories of earliest Britain, fusing "myth, recorded fact, legend, folk-tale, romance, [Shakespeare's] own earlier plays and poems, and miracle" (24).
Yet the landscape is also the timeless place of the past that is the characteristic location of folk-tale, in this case furnished with selkies, water kelpies, goshawks, dragons and the kind of rushes that may be woven into a rashie coat.