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a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk

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The museum said the first Hangeul fairy tale book was published in 1926 called "Joseon Folk Tales Collection," adding that the first folk tales in Korea were published two years before that but were written in Japanese as Japan occupied Korea then.
presentation of some legends and folk tales, some related audio recordings and photos, and a presentation of
It's considered as a significant part of the folk tales passed over through the generations for centuries and ages.
In every part of the world, the folk tale originated not as written text but as oral performance.
Many folk tales are based on real stories and Kate has drawn from the "fantastic back story" of Britain and incorporated her own characters into it.
Especially for Latvia and Lithuania, folk tales with references to (grass) snakes are abundant and extensively documented.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, QHIC Chairman Dr Khalid al Mulla, who signed the MoU on behalf of the Center, expressed his high hopes for the fruits of the document, which would fulfill the objective of transmitting the traditional folk tales by appealing to children, who enjoy watching cartoons.
Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival returns next month with three days of folk tales, music, puppetry, dance, discussions, film, song, art and exhibitions.
14 ( ANI ): New insights into the origins and development of folk tales are being provided by the application of scientific analysis that are more commonly used by biologists to produce an evolutionary tree of life diagram.
The book under review is an excellent example of the Tibetan culture as reflected in its folk tales.
In her latest additions to the excellent Easy-to-Read Wonder Tales series, Veronika Martenova Charles brings us more folk tales from around the world.
Icelandic folk tales do not only originate from the Germanic/Northern literary heritage.
Full of flying carpets, genies, love and battle, the "One Thousand and One Nights" exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris explores the roots of the folk tales and their powerful influence in the West.
Dr al-Ghanim's presentation described the important social role of Qatari folk tales, and shared advice for aspiring researchers when conducting interviews with storytellers.
Sulaiman Najm Khalaf, anthropologist and intangible heritage expert at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Heritage and Culture, said: "Fairy tales or folk tales are mirrors of the wishes of societies.