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a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk

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Many folk tales are based on real stories and Kate has drawn from the "fantastic back story" of Britain and incorporated her own characters into it.
Through the Folk Tales & True Stories II infographic, CPP conveys why the Myers-Briggs assessment:
Ghanim said oethe story is a folk tale which develops the story between a girl and a magical fish which helps the girl solve some problems in her life.
This year the festival rambles through stories and the landscape weaving the roots and branches of the old folk tales of Wales with the landscape, the people, the songs and the storytellers.
Dr Tehrani subjected 58 variants of the folk tales with phylogenetic analysis, a method more commonly used by biologists for grouping together closely-related organisms to form a tree of life diagram, mapping out the various branches of evolution from the earliest life forms.
In-charge, Puppet Performers, Zulfiqar Ahmad who got training of puppetry from China said that portrayal of folk tales was also attracting the children which provided them the richness of their folk culture and traditions.
As stated in the author's preface, the Icelandic folk tale serves as a "model" for these stories.
Consequently, increasingly fewer folk tales are being learned and passed down.
Through attracting colorful puppets, children learn dealing with issues in a unique way while popular folk tales, skits and national songs educate them within their fantasy," the official said.
Interestingly, telling folk tales or fables was the favourite bedtime tale of 55+'s with 26% of them reading the moral led stories the most to the little mites (26%).
Kyrgyz literature has rich spiritual base, epic poem "Manas", folk tales and stories.
Sulaiman Najm Khalaf, anthropologist and intangible heritage expert at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Heritage and Culture, said: "Fairy tales or folk tales are mirrors of the wishes of societies.
Here she investigates the narrative structures of the folk tales of what is now Myanmar that were collected and translated into English by Maung Htin Aung.
CHILDREN can listen to Indian folk tales on a storytelling walk.
Compiled by acclaimed storyteller Joe Hayes, this collection of folk tales shares the Cuban culture with American audiences and it provides great entertainment.