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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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The name Jimmy Johnstone brings back memories of a wee ginger-haired player embarrassing opponents with his skill and Irish people love a good folk story.
The story of Leir is now believed to be an old folk story, which Monmouth inserted in his history to add spice, and Leir was probably linked to Leicester because of the similarities in the two names.
95) uses the fun and colorful lessons gleaned from folk story teller Hans Christian Andersen to provide links between the lessons of his folk stories and the modern workplace.
44] 'look for,' that manifests the relevant distinction in one single folk story.
The folk story of John Henry is brought to life in this forcefully told and strongly animated film.
2) This Ethiopian triumph "became a kind of folk story .
These include an internationally hailed Spanish production of the original folk story version of Carmen where the lead dances with the white stallion at the end of the show.
We just wanted to sort of touch on a different side of Christmas, not in a heavy way but in an old worldly way 'cause it's really like an old folk story.
China has not yet decided whether to import a Walt Disney cartoon movie that is based on a Chinese folk story.
It is influenced with more modern theatrical forms such as psyhco-theatre and drama therapy, in addition to folk story telling.
Evan Turk's folk story for ages 4-8, The Storyteller (9781481435185, $18.
The Princess and the Pea is a wellknown Hans Christian Andersen story, first published in 1835, but is based on a folk story the author heard as a child.
A famous Pashto Folk story of Yousaf Khan Sherbano was presented by the schoolchildren and each of the character of the story did justice to their respective role as they received applauses soon after their performance.
A JAPANESE woman has flown to Cardiff to learn Welsh 30 years after falling in love with a folk story.
The magical firework folk story features a magnificent mechanical tiger, a statuesque emperor and fabulous firework effects.