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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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It was chosen from the folk story "Fearing the wives" (Chen and Wu 1998: 226) where four husbands, after sending their wives to shop in a weekly street market, sit together to exchange husband experiences.
2) This Ethiopian triumph "became a kind of folk story .
These include an internationally hailed Spanish production of the original folk story version of Carmen where the lead dances with the white stallion at the end of the show.
For the class play, titled ''Tsuru Nyobo'' (the Crane Wife), Yanagisawa wrote the script which is based on a well-known folk story in Japan.
We just wanted to sort of touch on a different side of Christmas, not in a heavy way but in an old worldly way 'cause it's really like an old folk story.
A story that has fascinated me was the folk story about the bravest warrior in ancient Ireland.
China has not yet decided whether to import a Walt Disney cartoon movie that is based on a Chinese folk story.
Velcheru Narayana Rao's "Purana as Brahmanic Ideology," the first of four contributions to part II, "From South to North and Back Again," reflects on a number of topics: it illustrates the changes which a folk story such as that of the Komati caste of Andhra undergoes when it is "puranized"; it shows how the puranas, being arthapradhana, differ from the Vedas, which are sabdapradhana, and from kavya, which is sabdarthapradhana, and how, being oral, they nevertheless differ from oral folk narratives because "[t]he orality of the Puranas is literate orality" (p.
It is written as a Chinese folk story and requires good reading skills from young picture book readers, who will find the story of culinary magic to be inviting and engrossing.
A famous Pashto Folk story of Yousaf Khan Sherbano was presented by the schoolchildren and each of the character of the story did justice to their respective role as they received applauses soon after their performance.
The magical firework folk story features a magnificent mechanical tiger, a statuesque emperor and fabulous firework effects.
The Emperor and the Tiger is a firework folk story featuring a mechanical tiger who graces a 100m long stage, a statuesque emperor, colourful carnival dancers, and fabulous firework effects.
This Disney classic, which originated from a French folk story, is one of the most romantic films I've seen.
And they are also delighted with the success of Firebird, an energetic production based on a Russian folk story, performed in the square at 7pm to an audience of up to 1,000 before the weather deteriorated.