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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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Speaking about what influences her music, Cara said: "Some folk musicians want to know every detail about a song, and I really empathise with that.
And that's the great revelation of the reborn Bob Dylan: He is today exactly what he was 46 years ago--an American folk musician.
Constantinidis rarely moves away from the written transcription of each folk song or dance, making minor rhythmic changes or elaborating the melody slightly, as a folk musician might do in performance.
Despite her acoustic singer-songwriter background and the earnest neofolk scene in Massachusetts where she got her start, Dar Williams has, to her great and enduring credit, never had any illusions about being a pure folk musician.
And for the Festival of Musical Theatre, the creators of 5000 Calls have added many local voices into the piece, including the Wales Commonwealth Women's hockey team at training camp and folk musician Julie Murphy,, singing a traditional Welsh ballad.
Tetsuhiro Daiku, a traditional folk musician from Okinawa, gave a performance at the gathering.
Jack Johnson will be joined on stage by country music legend Willie Nelson with his Maui based jam partners, the Planetary Bandits, soulful folk musician Ben Harper, local ambassador of aloha Henry Kapono, new Hawaiian reggae talent Paula Fuga with her One Love 'Ohana Band, and California's high energy funk band ALO.
BORN BRIDGET Fonda, US actress, 1964, above LEWIS Carroll, English author, 1832 BRIAN Downey, Thin Lizzy drummer, 1951 DIED JOHN Updike, American novelist, 2009 MAHALIA Jackson, US gospel singer, 1972 PETE Seeger, US folk musician, 2014, above
Today folk artists from across the country came together to perform at one platform so that we shared together and when we see our mainland people and people from northeast together like this is really good and such event is really important to organize it more so that we can safe our culture," said Rewbwn Mashangva, a Naga Folk Musician, Manipur
FOLK musician Francis McPeake III appeared in court yesterday facing a raft of charges over claims he sexually abused an under-aged teenage girl.
Folk musician Loudon Wainwright III addresses aging on his newest album, "Older Than My Old Man Now.
Which American folk musician wrote Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Pete Seeger: Live in Australia 1963 is a black-and-white DVD capturing the 1963 Melbourne concert of folk musician Pete Seeger, who at the time was blacklisted and barred from American television.
35pm) Tom Jones performs songs from his latest album 24 Hours, along with Snow Patrol, folk musician Eliza Carthy, and indie trio Friendly Fires.
MY FRIENDS ARE ALREADY warning me about the Christian groups," says lesbian folk musician and comic Faith Soloway.