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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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The event offers typical culinary treats (international food and drink specialties) and showcases hand-made crafts and artwork (including Christmas cards, candles, candle holders, embroidery), music, souvenirs, folk lore, clothing and literature.
The unique and contemporary collection of stories is inspired by legends and folk lore of Africa.
He said that Provincial Culture Department has initiated many steps to promote all aspects of Sindhi culture and its custodians and soon it would conduct a survey about the present status and availability of the Sughars in Sindh, aimed to encourage and promote these experts of folk lore up to national level.
The philosophy of terrorists needs to be countered on a national level, the counter narrative has to have roots in Pakistani culture, literature, folk lore and civil society.
The term "heart bag" is folk lore, in the same vein as the Dakota term for White people does not mean "takers of the fat".
IAAEve injected my personal experiences into historical information and folk lore.
Leather, whose address is, Weobley Herefordshire, Who has written a great deal about folk lore, & last Xmas she had written something about this carol which we call "The Bitter withy' in The Hereford Times.
This unique event will be led by a professional al hakawati or storyteller, who will share a number of traditional tales from Arabic folk lore with primary students from schools within the city of Manchester.
The festival offered a cultural feast of artistic and creative community based events, centred around medieval folk lore and local history.
According to folk lore a hot May is traditionally a bad omen, but a cold May is a sign of a promising harvest in the coming summer.
But there are three words all seafarers know when they come to Teesport: Asda and Club Bongo - I think the latter is part of seafarers' folk lore.
of California, Berkeley) finds remarkable links between African American and Irish women writers, tracing an intellectual genealogical line from Lavin to Ni Dhuibhne and from Hurston to Morrison, showing how they attained free expression through the indirection that was long a tool of folk lore to deflect controversy.
Most families owned at least one and it has become part of Italian folk lore.
As popularity has grown, however, so too have property and land values and some of the deals of which folk lore are made (villas for twenty-five grand as recently as 10 years back) have all but evaporated.
Delightful reading and a welcome addition to any family, school, or community library Christmas picturebook collection, "The Magic Sceptre: The Legend Of Blue Santa Claus" is an imaginative and entertaining edition to the expanding folk lore and mythology of Christmas in general--and Santa Claus in particular