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Synonyms for tradition

Synonyms for tradition

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

Synonyms for tradition

an inherited pattern of thought or action

a specific practice of long standing

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Jiang's article was a study of the superstition and folk customs relating to human hair, beards, and nails.
Social and folk customs abound in everyday life, especially during traditional holidays and family celebrations.
Centuries later, Taiwan is now known as the high-tech hub, a dynamic economy and an international gateway to Asia, widely celebrated for its kaleidoscopic offering of eclectic cultural influences and diverse folk customs.
With the new strategic concept of developing a modern Silk Road, GAC MOTOR aims to revisit the ancient routes and explore the culture of trade and folk customs.
Here's a Health to the Barley Mow: A Century of Folk Customs and Ancient Rural Games (Kirkham), 418-20
Pakistan has tremendous tourism potential with diversified culture, rich in folk customs and traditions, archaeological sites, variety of landscape, and preserved sites of centuries old civilization, said Chairman Capital Development (CDA) Nadeem Hassan Asif while chairing a meeting to finalize the arrangements for celebrations of "World Tourism Day.
Twm Elias is renowned for his expertise in folk customs and is editor of Fferma Thyddyn magazine, dedicated to rural life of old.
The more I learned about it, the more I got interested in people's ideologies and their folk customs.
A midwinter festival is a key element of most religions and beliefs - ancient pagan ceremonies of fire and light linger on as folk customs all over the world.
Industrialisation also played a part, drawing young men from rural areas steeped in folk customs.
The investigation of popular folklore continues to be the preferred research strategy although its potential is limited by the fact that classical and biblical subjects dominate in Baldung's art and conceptions of witchcraft in this period exhibit the influence of ancient literature rather than any close observation of folk customs and the malficium of village life.
But I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss folk customs that tend to carry their own wisdom.
Only an ability to write - a rare conjunction of the sense of the ridiculous and the sense of the dramatic - could have produced this remarkable collection of Negro folk tales and folk customs.
The folk customs in Zhouzhuang are also highlighted by festivities, such as the welcoming of the God of Fortune during Chinese New Year and the rowing of fast boats at the Dragon Boat Festival.
Neither the geographic spread--here a map would have been useful--nor the chronological scale suggests a fully fledged study of folk customs and rituals.