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Synonyms for tradition

Synonyms for tradition

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

Synonyms for tradition

an inherited pattern of thought or action

a specific practice of long standing

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More works related to the Chinese Folklore Movement were published after the Cultural Revolution, including: Zhang Ziehen's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Zhongguo minsuxue shi (A History of Chinese Folklore, << [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] >>) (Changchun, 1993) and Zhongguo minsu yu minsuxue (Chinese Folk Custom and Folklore, << [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] >>) (Hangzhou, 1985), and Wang Wenbao's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Zhongguo minsu yanjiu shi (Investigation of the History of Chinese Folklore Studies, <<[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]>>) (Harbin, 2003).
Champion" Great View Park mid-autumn folk custom exhibition: The event will take place in Bobing Folk Custom Garden at Niutou Mountain Park between September 16 and October 14.
Social and folk customs reflect a group's actions and offer opportunities to use language to share stories or provide direction to activities.
In order to rescue history from the grips of religious and cultural blindfolds, Ra'ad walks the reader through a range of archaeological finds, ancient alphabets, folk customs and agricultural practices to show the continuity of ancient cultures and their influence on Palestinians and regional people even today.
Larger farms emerged (requiring regularization of sexual practice to legitimate inheritance issues), a new national school system sought to eradicate the old language, and newly trained priests insisted on orthodox belief in the churches and the eradication of folk customs and belief that contradicted Tridentine orthodoxy.
The consumer exhibition, Arabic folk customs, friendly people, excellent facilities, hotels, fantastic water park and BIC left us with a nice memory," said Shaopu Lee, vice general manager China Travel Services, China.
Many Halloween folk customs come from Ireland, where they believed October 31 marked the Celtic new year.
WELSH clog dancing is enjoying a revival after its existence was threatened, like many other traditional folk customs, by the puritan-style attitudes of the late 19th century.
During the first section of the book, set during the 1980s heyday of multiculturalism, Colleen begins to grapple with two very different kinds of Ukrainianness: contextual folk customs and historicized classical culture.
Like many Christian festivals, the roots of the Christmas season can be found in pre-Christian religions and folk customs.
it draws from various cultural and historic traditions: from European folk customs, religions of Classical antiquity, ancient Egypt, the Celts, and the Norse, occasional appropriations from Native American or Afro-Caribbean traditions (7).
Traditionally combining the colors of dark red, Chinese yellow, indigo, grass green, and antique purple in patterns expressing a love of nature and folk customs, this silk is renowned for its high quality.
The books contain encyclopedic knowledge of Shui astronomy, geography, religion, law and folk customs.
Urban Chinese people spent the Thursday's Lantern Festival holiday with few traces of the traditional decorative festivities, indicating that centuries-old folk customs are growing obsolete.
The authors begin in the Anglo-Saxon period and move on to Kalends, Feasts of Fools, and other early folk customs.