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Synonyms for foliation

(botany) the process of forming leaves

(geology) the arrangement of leaflike layers in a rock

(architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament

the production of foil by cutting or beating metal into thin leaves

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the work of coating glass with metal foil

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All the metamorphic units share a north-south striking, steeply to vertically dipping compositional layering and foliation, and near-vertical minor fold hinges lineations, implying deformation in a transcurrent stress regime.
Comparative studies of the different foliations have not been carried out, as they do not coincide at any point.
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External shell sculpture, in the form of foliations or spines, has been described for some taxa (Torigoe 1981).
Can be incorporated into foliations at room temperature.
Foliations are regularly given for all works except for LGW.
Instead, erosion occurs along weaknesses in schist foliations, and these are oriented obliquely to joints.
The NNE-striking foliations on Azimut's property suggest the possibility of finding the extension of the Eleonore trend.
05 mm) matrix of Qz-Or (dusty); some Ms-rich patches; minor Bt accessory Op, Ep, Ap; trellis-like arrangement of Ms in 2 foliations.
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In addition to the evidence of independent foliations for this chronology, the order of publication may be inferred as well, as shown below, through an examination of the contrasting type ornaments used in the Sanctorale and the Dominicale.
The expository articles discuss asymptotic geometry of foliations and pseudo-Anosov flows, Pontrjagin class and higher torsion of sphere bundles, L2-torsion invariants and the Magnus representation of the mapping class group, parameterized Gromov-Witten invariants and topology of symplectomorphism groups, mapping class actions on surface group completions, and Johnson's homomorphisms and the rational cohomology of subgroups of the mapping class groups.