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Synonyms for foghorn

a loud low warning signal that can be heard by fogbound ships

a warning device consisting of a horn that generates a loud low tone

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So we must keep the fog horn to starboard and the bell buoy to port as we enter the river.
The fog horn always boomed as we sailed by, making such a lovely sound, it would make you jump if you weren't prepared for it.
At the time you get the feeling that 'management' wouldn't have approved of everything that went on, but these brave people still kept the light shining and the fog horn sounding when necessary.
Under the agreement, ESSI will distribute Carmanah offshore oil/gas sector marine navigational aids in the continental USA and Carmanah will reciprocate with the distribution of ESSI's proprietary fog horn, in addition to other products manufactured by ESSI, in Canada and Latin America.
Among boat parts are a binnacle, ship's wheel, anchor, various ships' lamps, compass tables and brass fog horn.
Among the historic buildings on the island are a lighthouse built in 1737, Victorian and World War II gun emplacements, a former cholera hospital and fog horn station buildings.
That's partly because my dad got banned from church for bringing a fog horn and painted banners.
Bullfrogs, the giants of our frog world, sound like a fog horn or a cow mooing.
He said visibility was reduced to approximately 100 metres and that the fog horn was continuously being sounded.
A startled Prince Philip reacts to a blast from the ship's fog horn as he leaves after a visit to the QE2 in Southampton docks yesterday.
The assistant looked up and asked in a fog horn voice: I CAN'T READ YOUR WRITING LOVE - IS THAT ONE POUND ON IZNOGOOD.
Merchants' Harbor offers a glimpse of a north Africa wharf area, with cries of sea gulls, a clanging ship's bell, a fog horn, a full-size freighter hull shrouded in fog, and a pile of leather steamer trunks lashed together with rope.
In Waterway Play, children can build and race boats, create bumps and bubbles, crank fans, activate a lighthouse beacon and fog horn, raise and lower a drawbridge, test their boats in water currents, turn an Archimedes screw to activate the water wheel, and play at the Jumping Jet Landing Pool and the Tide Pool.