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stoloniferous white-flowered spring-blooming woodland plant

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Already new forest floor species such as foam flower, alum root, heart-leaved aster, bleeding heart, and cardinal flower are thriving.
FOAM flower or Tiarella cordifolia produces frothy spires of tiny white flowers over a long period from late spring until the middle of the
Quite a few perennials and shrubs will thrive, such as hostas (although be vigilant against slugs and snails) and Jerusalem sage (Pulmonaria saccharata), an evergreen with white spotted foliage and red, pink or white flowers that bloom from late winter to late spring, while the foam flower (Tiarella cordifolia) is a spreading perennial with spikes of creamy white.
Trendy plants like calla lilies, foxgloves, pink and white scented hesperis, verbascums, lavender and the foam flower, Tiarella Ninja will keep the most avid plantsmen busy over summer.
They also created necklaces by sewing yarn through the foam flowers and insects.