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nocturnal phalangers that move with gliding leaps using parachute-like folds of skin along the sides of the body

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Systematics of flying squirrels, Glaucomys volans (Linnaeus), from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.
prowazekii infection in a patient with no recent travel and no contact with lice or flying squirrels.
Given the product and the market, an additional goal is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of using a name-the-team contest in selecting the Flying Squirrels name for this professional sports franchise.
Dolphins somersault out of the sea; macaques crash through trees; flying squirrels glide from trunk to trunk; iguanas lumber by; while hornbills cackle in the skies above.
Green and Botel invested and the team completed the move, renaming itself the Flying Squirrels in the process.
Annual mean occupancy by flying squirrels at CBTS and GSF were 0.
They also found that by burning and thinning the forests they were able to greatly impact the reintroduction of certain wildlife species, particularly flying squirrels and spotted owls.
Small creatures called chiropters live in trees and glide like flying squirrels from branch to branch, but among them a mutant is born named Dusk, who has the ability to fly and to see in the dark.
However, be warned Co Durham, it may sound nuts, but the killer flying squirrels are out there.
MOVEMENTS OF SOUTHERN FLYING SQUIRRELS (GLAUCOMYS VOLANS) IN A FRAGMENTED FOREST **, Jamie Adams *, Lindsay Brotherton *, Paul Smith * and Thomas Nelson, North Georgia College and State University, Dahlonega, GA 30533.
Nevertheless, the fact that adult males had a greater tendency to be the ones beleaguering the flying squirrels led Onishi and his co-authors to speculate that a measure of flaunting biological fitness to the females is in play.
One place not to be missed was McMillan's Seed and Feed, just south of the Old Capitol, where we could check out the new arrivals of pet ducks, chicks, rabbits, and such exotica as flying squirrels and guinea pigs.
This guide is divided into color coded sections on chipmunks, marmots, antelope squirrels, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels.
Terabithia unfurls in their imagination, revealing giant trolls, vicious flying squirrels and hairy vultures, and pine cones which turn into grenades.
curator of mammals at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, and his former research assistant Katie Ferrell, Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide is an information-packed primer all about various species of squirrels, from the common grey squirrel to black-tailed prairie dogs to flying squirrels.