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a light, plastic disk about 10 inches in diameter

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If he remained calm, I'd pick up the blower and throw the flying disc a final time or two.
For the 90-minute classes, at time point three, flying disc sports had the most time (45%, 41 minutes) spent in MVPA, while Tai Chi had the least at time point one with zero minutes of MVPA.
Before "Steady" Ed Headrick established the first disc golf courses in the mid-1970s, "courses" involved throwing flying discs at "natural" markers, such as fire hydrants, drinking fountains, and outdoor trash cans.
FLYING DISC RANCH Biodynamic date groves, minimal processing, and surpassingly delicious dates.
It was not until his fourth attempt in 2002, when Calen filed for $500,000 claiming he was blinded by a flying disc on a Civil War-themed riverboat cruise, that his other claims filed in 1985, 1992 and 1997 were discovered by an insurance investigator.
It may look like a normal flying disc, but it will blow bubbles as it breezes through the air.
Ed Headrick, the father of the modern Frisbee and designer of Wham-O's first 'professional model' flying disc, has died.
Dates must come from the Flying Disc Ranch in Southern California, peaches from Brad Phillips in Ohio, and chocolate from wine maker turned chocolatier, John Scharffenberger with partner Robert Steinberg in California.
Players try to hit or throw their ball or flying disc into the hole with the fewest amount of strokes.
Disc golf can be played with any kind of a flying disc.
photo of FIRST Robotics Competition team member holding this season's game element, a flying disc) FIRST flying discs filled the gym at Southern New Hampshire University on January 5, 2013 in Manchester, NH.
ULTIMATE FACTFILE | Ultimate is a non-contact team field sport |played with a flying disc.
Each contains an X-Men keyring, a notebook, a flying disc, an X-Men T-shirt and a phone charger.
Contract awarded for Sports goods (other 6 kinds of flying disc catcher) and uniform (production) buy
Atent | A small stove, campfire or disposable barbecue | Food and drink | Cups and plates | Bedding TRY ADDING | Large 22" kettle barbecue | Kids' picnic rug | Kids' four pack Tumbler | Kids' four pack bowl | Kids' four pack plate | Kids' Cutlery | Catch-a-ballset | Flying disc