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a light, plastic disk about 10 inches in diameter

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Disc golf courses can also have a mandatory dogleg built into a hole to restrict the flight of a flying disc.
Upon opening the football, a "dimpled" baseball is revealed, which doubles as a golf ball and users will also find a flying disc.
The plastic flying disc was later renamed the Frisbee, with sales surpassing 200 million discs.
HEAVEN ON EARTH Flying Disc Ranch is what you might call rustic, and small (10 acres compared with Oasis's 175), but the palms are healthy, strong, and loaded with fruit.
Frolf is actually an urban name for disc golf, which is played much like traditional golf, but instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee[R].
Bring a tennis ball or flying disc for a vigorous game of chase and fetch.
For less than a tenner, you've got a flying disc, a hoopla game, lacrosse, a bat and ball and a sticky catch ball, all packed away in a handy-totransport backpack.
Activities include a flying disc dog competition; rocket dog racers flyball team; obedience and agility contests; finder's keepers treat yard; urban sledding and herding demonstrations; auction and raffles; and educational speakers.
In 2004 and 2005, the company has debuted three sizes of the Disc-O, a flying disc illuminated by internal LED technology.
It was not until his fourth attempt in 2002, when Calen filed for $500,000 claiming he was blinded by a flying disc on a Civil War-themed riverboat cruise, that his other claims filed in 1985, 1992 and 1997 were discovered by an insurance investigator.
It may look like a normal flying disc, but it will blow bubbles as it breezes through the air.
Ed Headrick, the father of the modern Frisbee and designer of Wham-O's first 'professional model' flying disc, has died.
Dates must come from the Flying Disc Ranch in Southern California, peaches from Brad Phillips in Ohio, and chocolate from wine maker turned chocolatier, John Scharffenberger with partner Robert Steinberg in California.
Players try to hit or throw their ball or flying disc into the hole with the fewest amount of strokes.
Disc golf can be played with any kind of a flying disc.