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a buttress that stands apart from the main structure and connected to it by an arch


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To meet Woolworth's needs, architect Gilbert suggested using Gothic detail, and did so in abundance, using carved granite for the three-story base, multiple tones of primarily ivory terra cotta for the rest of the facade, decorative ironwork, and numerous carvings and projecting grotesques, reliefs, turrets, flying buttresses and other detailing.
There are elements like flying buttresses and towers that are rendered in metal instead of stone.
Presumably, your payback on a sale of your home would be even less for add-ons like Italian marble urinals, flying buttresses, or cheesy mermaid murals.
Denis in Paris combined recent architectural developments and created the first Gothic church, a light, feathery creature whose pointed arches and flying buttresses reached to the heavens and whose gigantic windows illuminated their naves and congregations as no church before had done.
They become Impressionist painters, model flying buttresses with their bodies, sing "Amazing Grace" to test the acoustics at Mont Saint-Michel, learn the Viennese waltz in Vienna, take acting lessons in London and cooking classes in France or Spain.
Now we have electronic this and computerised that, but we don't see a lot by way of gargoyles and flying buttresses.
Its fin-like flying buttresses, which joined the tower at the fifth level, and the change in the angle of the floor's direction at the 10th soon earned the block its Rocket nickname.
And beyond that (and I made a point of pointing this out to Georgie, just to impress her with the extent of my architectural erudition) there rises what I believe to be a rank of flying buttresses, the better (as I explained) to hold the cathedral's vaulted roof up, in the days before superglue and girders.
Several smaller flying buttresses also were cracked.
The red brick Borough Hall and Market (built 1865-6) dominates the north side and St Hilda's Church covers high ground with distinctive flying buttresses on its south side adding to its grandeur.
A particular feature is the listed octagonal gate brick piers with stone urn and flying buttresses, linked by brick walling.
One of the largest cathedrals in France, covering 5,000m square, its combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles has unique Y-shaped flying buttresses, while the Virgin's Chapel - one of 13 - contains a magnificent 14th Century ceiling painting of a celestial concert of 47 musician angels.
The suitcase full of air and flying buttresses attached to nothing, but holding aloft all the breath and loss of the public forum.
Watch this Space ends on August 26, with comedy from Matt Barnard and The Flying Buttresses.
As indeed it was, a thing of automotive industry flying buttresses, domes and fanciful decorative effects.