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a large seaplane that floats with its fuselage in the water rather than on pontoons

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The officials of His Majesty's government approached His Highness Shaikh Saeed Bin Maktoum, then Ruler of Dubai, who maintained cordial relationship with the British Government, to secure landing permission for the flying boats.
These flying boats, which mainly carried mail, were the only planes seen in Dubai's skies for two decades until Shaikh Saeed's son Shaikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum became ruler and in 1960 built Dubai's first airport on land, with the first modern airport following in 1971.
The 1930s saw the first passenger services, operated by Imperial Airways starting with the magnificent Handley Page HP42s and later the graceful Short C23 flying boats.
Harrell were flying two French Donnet-Denhaut flying boats when they spotted a submarine on the surface.
A central component of the new organization was six H-16 flying boats under the command of Lt.
The flying boats will be equipped with missiles and rockets in the near future and this will improve their combat capability," Tangsiri told FNA on the sidelines of a ceremony during which the Defense Ministry delivered three squadrons of 'Bavar-2' (Belief-2) flying boats to the IRGC.
But hunting the U-boats that stalked the convoys were the Catalina flying boats of RAF coastal command.
It's a place where flying boats rub shoulders with Irish coffee, ancient sits alongside modern, bustling towns and cities give way to glorious countryside and spectacular natural marvels, and where the welcome is every bit as warm as you'd imagine it to be.
Pan American Clippers; the golden age of flying boats.
Their fleet of flying boats captured the world's imagination as they ushered in the age of global air travel.
After the war he maintained radio systems on flying boats operated by TEAL (later to become Air New Zealand).
Seaplanes last took off from the Clyde in World War II when almost 300 Short Sunderland flying boats were built in the shadow of Dumbarton Rock.
The film will tell the story of Shorts Brothers who built the Sunderland Flying Boats and moved their production from Rochester to Windermere in 1942 to avoid the German bombs.
Albert Segar, 75, of Childwall, served in the RAF asp art of national service and worked on radios for flying boats.