rock pigeon

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pale grey Eurasian pigeon having black-striped wings from which most domestic species are descended

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But some people said they were vermin and I shouldn't feed them, that they had diseases and were flying rats.
If that does not encourage the flying rats, nothing does.
Pigeons are flying rats, they will come in and just nest," said Richard Ellis, a falconer at Royal Shaheen Events.
The flying rats seem to get worse every year; a few years ago, they were only a problem from the first cold winter weather until about April.
Some people call them flying rats, but I love seagulls, the way they perve over your food with their sideways eyes, then do that indignant shuffle when you turn to stare them down, denying that they want your chips.
Andrea, 35, said: "I sat in my house with the curtains closed to avoid these flying rats.
ICAN'T remember who, but someone once described pigeons as flying rats.
The flying rats will even steal the chips out of your fish supper.
45pm, he walks past the Liver Building (I've also seen him at the Royal Hospital) feeding hundreds of these flying rats as they follow him on his quest.
REGARDING the pigeons in Whitley Bay station, I'm glad they are not going to kill them as I am very fond of these creatures, nicknamed flying rats.
But if people feel the need to feed these flying rats then we should at least have a designated feeding area somewhere along the canal, away from the town centre.
We were making our way to the toilets, how ironic, when a number of the flying rats descended and made one unholy mess of my trousers.
I agree pigeons are a threat to health, but try telling that to the younger parents with children who sit on the prom, especially New Brighton, throwing their leftover chips and burgers to the flying rats.
Everybody seems to agree that these flying rats leave behind a disgusting mess, which can be dangerous underfoot.
As for pigeons, they are not flying rats, but intelligent, pretty birds, with a wonderful record during the last war, saving thousands of lives, flying back and forth with vital messages.