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any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body

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If Branson stumbled upon that market by accident, the first evidence of his trend-spotting genius is provided by Never Trust A Hippy 1976-79 which shows how rather than clinging on to the style that established them, Virgin took a punt on The Sex Pistols and went on to recruit The Skids, The Motors, The Flying Lizards, XTC etc, further broadening their musical demographic with U-Roy, The Mighty Diamonds, Big Youth and Tapper Zukie.
That's handy as the vast realm of Skyrim, already caught in civil war, is suddenly suffering from an infestation of flying lizards.
The programmes from the late 1970s and early 80s, as well as 2003 and 200, feature him playing tracks by bands such as Flying Lizards, Echo And The Bunnymen, Joy Division and, of course, The Fall.
A little detail like that wasn't going to hold me back, so I donned my Ms Glam Rock finery and boldly belted out a curious version of Money,as covered by the Flying Lizards some years ago.
The trio - Joey (guitars/vocals/keyboard) Lee (bass/vocals) and Harry (guitars/vocals) - have been described as a cross between the Flying Lizards and The Prodigy - and, having established a healthy online fanbase, are set to unveil their debut single next month.
Instead, Lloydie has gone for Deborah Strickland, singer with '80s odd bods The Flying Lizards.
Sian, 45, has backing singers for her rendition of Money as Deborah Strickland, lead singer with late- Seventies/early-Eighties electro group The Flying Lizards
Others taking part include weather-girl Sian Lloyd who glams it up as Deborah Strickland, singer with one-hit wonders Flying Lizards, spoon-bender Uri Geller who will be French crooner Charles Aznavour, Toyah Willcox plays Patti Smith, and John Fashanu will be soul legend Otis Redding.
Completing the line-up are weather girl Sian Lloyd, who appears as Flying Lizards member Deborah Strickland,model Catalina Guirado striking a pose as Debbie Harry,and former footballer John Fashanu tackling Otis Redding.
she will glam it up as Deborah Strickland, singer with one-hit wonders Flying Lizards.
She chose The Flying Lizards version of Money, as it was easy to imitate.
Others taking part in the show include weather presenter Sian Lloyd who glams it up as Deborah Strickland, singer with one-hit wonders Flying Lizards.
Flying lizards piloted by dark knights, the worst of whom is the murderous Witch King plotting to destroy his sworn enemy Gandalf.