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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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But, as in the case of the Joyce children, evacuation started all over again in a largely forgotten phase of the war: the flying bomb attacks on London.
He said: "We had to find out how near we could get to the flying bomb to shoot without the risk of being blown up by it and some brave men died before the answer could be obtained.
As British intelligence was to learn, this was a prototype for the fearsome V-1 flying bomb that was soon to terrorize Londoners with its warhead of TNT mixed with ammonium nitrate.
It went on to counter the V-1 flying bombs in 1944 and made a name for itself with its ability to locate the enemy at night and develop hard blows with four cannons.
It is believed that with his information the balloons brought down more than 750 flying bombs.
In case you've forgotten, all of the flights used by the 9/11 hijackers were for long distances, chosen because they had large loads of fuel that made them into better flying bombs.
Cruise missiles are sophisticated flying bombs that can be fired from planes, ships, or submarines.
This was a new and unthinkable way of killing: using innocent lives as parts of flying bombs aimed at mercilessly taking countless more thousands of innocent lives.
He was credited with the destruction of two German aircraft and damaging another, and, while flying with 605 Squadron in the UK, bringing down three V-1 flying bombs.
Lasers then locked on to the beam so Paveway 2 and Paveway 3 bunker-busting flying bombs could smash the hangar with pinpoint accuracy.
3 Squadron was one of the first to tackle the menace of the V1 flying bombs - 'the doodlebugs' - and Squadron Leader Dredge was responsible for shooting down five of them.
I lived in Battersea, South London during the Second World War and was 14 or 15 when the Germans started dropping the flying bombs known as "doodlebugs" on the capital.
AS drones in the wrong hands can also be used as flying bombs, making possible precision 9/11 style attacks on building, factories, power stations, sports stadiums and even flown through the flight paths of busy airports; it is only a matter of time before rogue states (and terrorist groups) obtain drone technology, and as they could set up their control rooms within highly populated areas; we would be left with few options other than jamming electronic communications worldwide and/or shooting down every manmade object that flies.
He later spent years manning anti-aircraft guns on the Cornwall and Kent coast fighting off a daily swarm of Nazi flying bombs and planes crossing the Channel headed for London.