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bridge formed by the upper level of a crossing of two highways at different levels


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a flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground

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Whereas, he was told that Malir 15 fly-over was far from completion while the pace of work on it was also quite slow.
KARACHI -- One each of the tracks of under-construction Water Pump and Ayesha Manzil fly-overs at Shahrah-e-Pakistan, connecting to and from Karimabad-Sohrab Goth would be open for regular traffic flow from second week of September, said KMC Administrator, Saqib Ahmad Soomro.
23 while conducting fly-overs for marijuana grows in the area.
The municipality, which is heavily committed to mega building projects such as new under-passes and fly-overs in the growing city of more than one million, says the bus stops have a practical benefit.
But the coalition Government has already scrapped a multi-million pound plan which would have seen fly-overs built across roundabouts, such as the Silverlink, and other upgrades elsewhere.
Is it not the need of the hour for a fast-populating land to bring in fly-overs in congested connectors?
Ovi Maps application for the Nokia device is enhanced through additional features and services, opening up a new world of possibilities with better maps than never before: high resolution satellite and terrain maps, rotation, tilting, night view and fly-overs and fly-throughs.
But less than one mile in the "undulating" nature of the course started to take its toll, as runners pounded up several fly-overs before reaching the city centre.
The contract covers the construction of a nine-kilometre section of a new ring road around Prague and includes 22 bridges and three fly-overs.
There are the ones who celebrate their kids' birthdays by putting up homemade banners on the sides of local roundabouts and motorway fly-overs.
In recent years, where global warming and droughts have exacerbated forest fires across the American West, federal and state firefighting agencies have upped their cumulative annual use of long-term fire retardants to some 20+ million gallons a year spread across tens of thousands of individual fly-overs.
There was a reduction in crime at numerous schools and we received a lot of positive feedback from schools and the local communities who felt reassured by the fly-overs.
Henk Verwejimeren, of HIS, said: "We have done substantial trials of the system in Holland and it is being used in fly-overs and airports.
Up above, vintage and military aircraft will perform fly-overs.
Foreign Affairs Minister Brian Cowen says he has been assured by the British Government that the fly-overs would stop.