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infestation of the body by the larvae of flies (usually through a wound or other opening) or any disease resulting from such infestation

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Before that, she was battling giant man-eating cockroaches in the mouldy fly-blown horror film Mimic and gave her career another kick in the kidneys with the chop-socky flop The Replacement Killers.
It may even stop you worrying if smarmy Gavin's presentation for the senior management team - the one you were meant to be giving but can't because you're stuck on a fly-blown beach in the Aegean - will be better than yours last year.
The horrors of being served a curled-up fly-blown cheese butty with a lettuce dressing as limp as Blair's weapons of mass destruction argument were almost de rigueur in the "good old days".
Comfort from the horrors of their fly-blown home state.
parlor games, uncomfortably reflective of the fly-blown conservatism of John Major's government.
And, as a reward for their victory, Lord Sugar treated the women to a ride in the VIP capsule on the London Eye, while the fellas got cyanide capsules and the opportunity to take a long hard look at themselves in that grim fly-blown roadside cafe where all the series' losers go to stew on their mistakes.
The sight of Oates, going slowly insane as a result of his ordeal, arguing with a fly-blown, disembodied noggin in a sack is one of the more bizarre moments in '70s cinema.
With the growth of road-based transport, the town languished and now consists of a fly-blown downtown and a handful of boxy, single-storey buildings clustered around the railway tracks.
Can I at least loudly hope that Bill Gates suffers a painful death in the fly-blown charity ward of the same hospital as the owners of the store where I will never again in future shop?
He then coughs and spits into the mixture, which is stored in a rusty fly-blown oil drum.
Mind you, it's got to be better than actually getting inside to see a pickled shark, a maggoty fly-blown cow's head and a challenging display of .
No doubt some of the older passersby, who remembered Rome in better days, gazed on the fly-blown victims of the latest convulsion and wondered: how had the republic come to this?