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fine solid particles of ash that are carried into the air when fuel is combusted

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ARTBA has been actively engaged in the regulatory and legislative debate in Washington over fly-ash since 2007 and applauded the decision as a "win-win" for both the taxpayer and the environment.
Save natural resources by recycling fly-ash, oil drilled wastes and metallurgical slag instead of using raw minerals;
Key words: alkali-activated materials, alkaline activation, aluminosilicates, fly-ash
El-Mogazi D, Lisk DJ, Weinstein LH (1988) A review of physical, chemical, and biological properties of fly-ash and effects on agricultural ecosystems.
The plots of Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms revealed that adsorption equilibrium of cyanide on fly-ash can be described by Freundlich and Langmuir Isotherms both (Figs.
The predicted cement shortage presents a perfect opportunity for the concrete industry to utilize more mineral admixtures, such as fly-ash and slag, both produced from waste by-products of manufacturing," said Parnes.
The Obama administration announced the first federal regulations for disposal of fly-ash from power plants in an attempt to shield the environment from the toxic substance, however it will not define fly-ash as a "hazardous material.
Objectives: The project aims to obtain ceramic composites from fly-ash and building materials from drilling fluids and slag, and to use them in the impermeable layers of roads.
Prediction model of compressive strength development of fly-ash concrete.
Steeves announces that Maxam has entered into a partnership with Xcentia Energy, LLC and Xcentia Mining, LLC, with funding to roll out Maxam's Patent Pending coal fly-ash and mining process for commercial success.
Fly-Ash projects involving the removal of deliterous materials and extraction of marketable elements from coal-burning electric power companies has been re-energized with partnerships previously established.
In recent months Maxam has announced agreements with organizations for the purpose of improving revenues by extracting marketable elements from fly-ash and other CCPs using the Maxam proprietary process, which in turn provides for a cleaner environment.
will install equipment to separate unburned carbon from fly-ash at Carolina Power & Light Company's (CP&L) Roxboro, N.