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the highest navigational bridge on a ship

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To save money; the school kept the number of ropes and pulleys in the fly system to a minimum, reflecting what they needed as opposed to loading the space with extra lines for play scenes and band shells that might be added later.
Document all needed repairs of the in-house fly system
And I don't think I've ever seen a fly system used better on the Hanover stage.
This next-generation FLY system uses the same sophisticated technology as its predecessor, and is enhanced by PC connectivity, four times the memory, an mp3 player, all new interface and an expandable Spanish translator.
The focal point of the renovation is the actual stage which includes an expansion of 76 sq metres and the fabulous fly system, installed by the aptly-named London outfit Unusual Riggings.
Theatre Junushoff (Wageningen) intends to replace the control of the fly system in the main hall.
The full fly system, robust sound and lighting packages and the resilient stage will meet the needs of the most discriminating users.